45-Minute LIVE Session

The Power of Vision in Program Management: Actionable Strategies and Best Practices

Tuesday, May 21, 2024
10:00 am EDT

Presenters: Rocky Ellens, James Carpenter, & Bill Loudon

In the realm of program management, vision serves as the guiding beacon toward the path of success. Setting a clear program vision enables a common program outcome, which becomes the communication tool that your team understands and uses to work toward the program objectives. However, setting this vision and ensuring alignment with that vision can be challenging. Ambiguity in goals, alignment with organizational objectives, stakeholder buy-in, and changing requirements can all complicate the process. Successful program management conquers these hurdles by defining a clear vision and focusing the team on that vision to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Join our 45-minute webinar, with Rocky Ellens, James Carpenter, and Bill Loudon, as they provide expert insights on how you can harness the transformative power of vision to drive remarkable outcomes and foster project success.

During this interactive webinar, Rocky, James, and Bill will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Leading with Vision: Set a compelling direction that aligns organizational goals with project vision to effectively communicate purpose to stakeholders and focus the team on the desired business results.
  • Alignment and Execution: Establish best practices for setting clear objectives, defining roles, and ensuring the team understands how their work contributes to the vision.
  • Innovation and Adaptability: Learn how to foster creative problem-solving and adaptability to enhance project outcomes.

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