60-Minute LIVE Webinar

Measuring for Success:

A Demonstration on How Learning Impacts Business Results

19 Oct 2023
4:30pm (IST) / 6:00pm (THA) / 7:00pm (SGT)

Presented by: Bonnie Beresford - PhD, Senior Director, Performance and Learning Analytics

  • Are your training programs contributing to your organisation's growth and success?
  • Does your training data contribute towards improving your sales or productivity?
  • How can you credibly show your impact?

These are common situations L&D teams often struggle with while ascertaining whether a program is truly making a difference.

Rev up your learning & development strategy and join us for this 60-mins webinar presented by GP Strategies' Bonnie Beresford, PhD and Senior Director and Performance and Learning Analytics. In the webinar, we will explore the critical role of measuring learning impact through compelling case studies from the retail automotive industry, amongst others.

During this webinar, Bonnie will provide insights on the following:

  • The Power of Data-Driven Learning: Discover how data-driven insights can revolutionize your L&D strategy.
  • Measuring Learning Impact: Learn best practices and methodologies for measuring the impact of learning on engagement, individual performance, and skill development.
  • Connecting L&D and Business KPIs: Understand the correlation between effective learning and enhanced organizational performance and growth.
  • Case Studies and Success Stories: Gain insights from real-world examples of organizations that have successfully measured the impact of their learning initiatives and witnessed tangible improvements in employee performance and business results.

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