Measurement Services Showcase: Prove and Improve the Impact of Learning

Tuesday, September 19, 2023
11:00 am EDT

Host:  Bonnie Beresford and Peggy Durbin 

Learning and development (L&D) teams often find it difficult to measure the impact of their learning programs; it’s not a core competency for most organizations. While some are uncertain about what exactly they need to measure, others are challenged by not knowing how to credibly measure the ROI and efficacy of their learning.

Join us for this free, 30-minute showcase presented by GP Strategies’ Bonnie Beresford, PhD, Senior Director of Performance and Learning Analytics, and Peggy Durbin, Strategic Learning Consultant, as they lead you through each of our four measurement and analytics services. The showcase will specifically focus on our Measurement Academy program, which is designed to teach your L&D team how to measure the impact of your learning programs.

During this interactive showcase, Bonnie and Peggy will provide insights on how you can overcome three of the most prevalent challenges when measuring the impact of your learning programs:

  1. Not knowing what to measure.
  2. Being unsure of how to measure.
  3. Lacking access to data and resources.

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